Does Online Counselling Really Work?

Online Counselling

There seems to be a big improvement in the technology available to mental health professionals today.  One of the most impressive advancements in mental health is the availability of online counselling.  Psychologists and counsellors have been delivering online counselling using messaging and email for quite a while but the idea of video counselling or skype counselling is relatively new.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you’re located in a remote rural area without access convenient counselling services.  To state the obvious, you won’t really have a large choice of psychologists or counsellors if you’re looking for anxiety counselling or depression counselling.  Given that online counselling removes the barriers to accessing mental heath support, it seems like the obvious next step in getting help.

Online Counselling for Depression & Anxiety
Online Counselling for Depression & Anxiety

Online counsellors have been delivering the same quality of online counselling service that you get with face to face counselling whilst being able to offer the therapy from the comfort of their own private office.  There’s quite a bit of research demonstrating that online counselling is a very effective form of anxiety & depression treatment.  Also considering that relationship counselling can also be done online, even without both partners in the same consultation room, it really opens up  range of counselling possibilities that weren’t available before.

Online Relationship Counselling

All relationhips experience different levels of satisfaction and happiness.  When your relationship begins to become disfunctional, there’s a lot of effective online couples counselling that can give you the tools to communicate through the difficulties of any marriage.

Online Depression Counselling

The effects of depression can really inhibit your daily life and that’s when counselling for depression should really be considered.  Find yourself a counselling website and pick a good online counsellor or psychologist and begin getting the help you need.  Most good online counsellors will be able to give you real options fo rdepression treatment.

Online Anxiety Counselling

If you’re experiencing lots of irrational fears and phobias that are preventing you from socialising and making social situations awkward, you could probably benefit from online anxiety counselling.  IMagine being able to get through the day without your anxiety taking control.  There are a range anxiety treatments that can be done online that are very effective.

Online Grief Counselling

Getting grief counselling can sometimes be a little difficult when you can’t motivate yourself to leave the house, but with online counselling you won’t have to leave the house.  You can contact your counsellor online or find an online counselling service that offers grief counselling.

Types of Online Therapy

There’s quite a range of therapies that are used in online counselling but by far the most used is Cognitve Behavioural Therapy.  CBT is a different type of therapy in that it is relatively short term and it can be monitored to study the results and effectiveness of the therapy.  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy doesn’t concentrate on the actual events of your life but instead focuses on your interpretation of those events and how your thoughts and feelings about those events are affecting your life now.

Another widely used type of therapy is Solution Focused Brief Therapy.  This type of therapy is a goal oriented approach to the clients issues.  So instead of concentrating on the clients problems, the counsellor will look at the goals that the client wants to acheiev and therefore the need to examine the behavoiurs that are going to help them achieve that goal.

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